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Why outsource?

So, you have decided you need help…

Great revenue and raving referrals aren’t worth it if the price is your freedom and sanity.

You deserve a business that runs like clockwork without running you into the ground in the process. Outsourcing is a smart way to keep a business lean. 

Have a read of the blog on Toyota’s Lean Principles and how this can relate to outsourcing. 

Our way of outsourcing

Platinum VA was founded in 2010 and has since then emerged as the regions premier outsourced services provider supporting SMEs and large corporates alike.

Recognised as a Great Place to Work® our hand-picked talent pool of Virtual Assistants are helping entrepreneurs turn chaos in to calm and allowing them to focus on what they do best…use their genius to scale their business.

Our expansion into bringing you excellent content writers via our VA Writers came after business owners asked for help with this. What is more important to the modern day business than good quality content? We help you turn your writers block into writers breeze.

Turning outsourcing as a commodity into a thing of beauty.

Some outsourcing statistics

Businesses using outsourcing to reduce their expenses
Businesses would further increase their outsourcing efforts
Business owners extremely positive about their outsourcing relationship
Small businesses using outsourced teams to connect with customers

Want us to reduce your sense of overwhelm?

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