Our Values

At PlatinumVA, we support professionals and business owners like you by providing a highly-skilled, experienced executive virtual assistant (VA) to take over day-to day administrative tasks. Our hassle-free solutions directly increase your productivity by easing the pressure of constantly dealing with everyday issues. We efficiently handle your routine tasks, leaving you more time to focus on achieving your goals, and work on essentials that require your expertise.

Save Time AND Money

Our variable and scalable annual packages, ranging from between 5 to 40 hours a month, give you the freedom to pay only for what you need. This means you save on the expense of additional employee extras such as health-care, equipment, office space, training, sick-leave and holidays.

Technical Expertise and Support

With our cloud-friendly business services, you can afford to use the latest solutions for your growing organisation without the bother of buying additional software and hiring technical support. Our VA’s are especially trained to a certain level of technical ability to ensure we handle your requirements quickly, safely and efficiently.

Dependable and Discreet

We care about your success as much as you do. With our reliable service, you never have to worry about missing deadlines, or your assistant falling ill. Whenever you need it, our team of professionals guarantees ongoing support during business hours.

All our VA’s are carefully screened to match international standards and we follow a strict confidentiality policy for the complete safety and security of your business.

Brand Promise

In an tough economic climate and competitive landscape where ‘time is money’, Platinum VA emerges as the specialist locally based leader in Virtual Executive Assistance, ensuring enterprises’ with a real-time edge over their rivals.

A regional powerhouse with a dedicated team of professionals offering valuable regional knowledge and vast executive experience, providing highly confidential error-free solutions and answering the key business needs in the modern world; Platinum VA is becoming an integral part for accelerating the economic growth of businesses in Dubai.

The Platinum VA team holds a track record of success yielding profitable returns for partners, and establishing itself as the trusted Virtual Assistant of choice for all those looking to succeed and regain a business advantage in today’s World.

Why choose Platinum VA?

The original idea behind PlatinumVA was to support the growing number of business owners in the region by providing quality assistance. Here’s why we think you should choose PlatinumVA to help support your organization.

Every member of the PlatinumVA team is hand-picked after rigorous screening and assessment. Requirements include a college education and fluency in English.

Our consultants go through a minimum 20 hours of professional development programmes every year to upgrade their skills and keep pace with the latest technology and innovation.

We work together as a team, which gives you access to the group’s skills and expertise so you never have to worry about missing a deadline because of your employee falling ill. We continuously ask for client feedback on every service and immediately work on any suggestions to make sure we meet, and exceed, your expectations.

Platinum VA is an accredited member of the International Virtual Assistants Association (IVAA) and we follow best industry practices.

Phone: +971 4 3132 479
PO Box 74687 Dubai, UAE